MIX 36 – Introduction -


Times have changed and we are going through one of the biggest crisis of our lifetime. With the burst of COVID, many opportunities have disappeared while others have become available. With limitations imposed by governments, new ideas and strategies were put into practice to remain in contact with our clients and keep sharing our passion with those who follow us.
For all of these reasons, Steel Programs made all possible efforts to remain active and launch the new mix 36.
We have listened to our community and applied some changes to our programs. These are adjustments meant to improve the workout and bring a touch of freshness to our products.


The objective of Mix 36 is to be easily integrated and adaptable to all environments, be it a gym, an apartment or a small work space. This mix is for all those who want to train under the minimum allowed conditions. To that end, the music is very engaging and the routine is made up of very easy-to-perform exercises. EVERYBODY, absolutely EVERYBODY, will be able to do this mix from whatever platform.
Moreover, we chose a strategy based on using mechanical memory as a central concept. This means that we encounter repeated or similar components in various segments in order for the participants to deal with less weight, or stress, when having to assimilate a ne combination. This way the learning process is made easier.


This video as filmed with IMMENSE efforts. The teams from Argentina and Chile have put in all possible effort to take this project to completion and have taken the responsability of being the faces of this mix internationally. The video was made in Spanish and the South-American teams have done an incredible job. I am completely grateful to all the Master Trainers and directors involved in this challenging mission.


STEELERS, you can teach Steel Programs classes from any type of platform. Remember that our mission is to reach every corner of the planet and offer our tools as a facilitating channel for the fufillment of every participant’s objectives. That is why we want to remind you here that you have the freedom to teach your classes on social media, private groups or alternative communication channels. The content we offer in the mix is yours to use in the benefit of everyone. Free of license and educational restrictions. While you are an ACTIVE STEELER, you can enjoy the benefits STEEL PROGRAMS has in store for you.



A high-energy class with various new combinations. We integrated explosive components and easily adaptable exercises so that the class is accessible to everyone.
MARTIAL COMBAT | Slide Kick: This kick is frequently used by martial artists during tournaments. It is used when dodging an attack from an opponent and reacting immediately with a counterattack. From front stance, take a step to the side (dodging the attack) and then quickly launch a circular kick to the height of the stomach. Keep in mind that in a counterattack we need to be explosive to generate the impact required by this technique.
STREET BOX │ Fly Hammer: Perfom a hammer strike with propulsion. Imagine a Superman Punch but, instead of a cross, execute a hammer strike. This technique may be replaced with a Superman Punch if it proves to be difficult to perform.
We have finally found a place and a balance for the special effects of power. Due to the 3.3.3. structure of Steel Combat, we know that the two first rounds are focused on the construction of the final product which will be presented in its entirety in the Super Round (round 3). The objective of the special effects of power is to highlight the techniques introduced in the teaching stages. This is why the special effects are inserted in Round 3. This also adds a lot to the acknowledgement of the final product and in generating a much more powerful impact on our participants.


The creation of the final products if VERY easy and intuitive. The TONIC and ENERGY segments include repetitive components and combinations which help maintain the same level of complaxity but allow the increase in intensity when the step is added. This strategy helps the participants maintain their focus on the workout intself and not the combination. Simpler is harder!
TONIC 1 and 2: Curtsy Lunge
The star of our TONIC segments is the curtsy lunge. It is important to keep in mind that this technique is intermediate level and, if the participants find it hard to correctly execute it, we can replace it with a simple lunge in V8 or two simple lunges in V4.
ENERGY 1 and 2: Sprints and plyometrics
The main teaching methods here are ADDITION and UNION. These methods will facilitate a clear and fluid creation of the final products.


STEEL TRAINING is an activity where we try to offer alternatives since in itself it is limited by its main element, the bar. After a series of tests and consultatio with professionals, we have decided that the segments for small muscles (biceps, triceps, shoulders) should have the same musical structure as the big muscles, meaning three blocks of 64 tempi per stage.
This change simplifies greatly the educational system and also offers less variations in the musical structure for the instructors as well as the participants, resulting in a better connexion between instructors / participants and the program.
It is a significant change which brings about a big impact in the class given that, for every small muscle group, the workout duration increases by 45 seconds.
Generally, the most utilized contraction in this type of training is the isotonic contraction (concentric and eccentric), this being the easiest type of contraction to assimilate and also an element of dynamism in the class.
In the present mix, we have decided to make use of the isometric contraction. This will be the foundation of all our combinations, with static ranges and voluntary contractions of the muscle groups involved in the workout.
LUNGE AND SQUAT | The bar in ”Clean” position
New challenge. We recommend this movement for intermediate / advanced groups since this is an intense technique and requires an increased control of the bar.
This movement includes a preparation phase consisting in pulling the bar with the Clean movement.
Technique: Once the ”Clean” movement is completed (using two tempi) we initiate the next exercise (squat or lunge) and then come to the end of the movement by releasing the bar (in two tempi) and returning to the initial position. It is important to pay special attention to the dynamics of the exercise since the Clean position, when performing these exercises, forces the participants to increase technical control as the body is leaned forward. We need to focus more on our balance.
Sequence in V8:
2 pull the bar (clean) - 2 squat (low) - 2 squat (go up) - 2 release the bar.
In this mix we employ the short range biceps technique and we execute an isometric contraction to complete the exercise. It is important to GENERATE the effort and motivate the participants to ”voluntarily contract” the biceps, adding extra tension to the movement.
Technique: with a medium grip, palms in supination, flex the elbows to 90 degrees and squeeze your biceps, maintaining an isometric contraction. Then, flex your deltoids, bringing arms in line with your shoulders, WITHOUT changing the position of elbows. Move on to relax deltoids (bringing arms to the initial position) and extend elbows again, relaxing biceps. This technique is a composed one and it requires eight tempi (V8) to be executed.


A new adjustment to the speed of execution brings higher intensity to STEEL JUMP. The current beats (BPM) vary between 143 and 147.
ACCELERATION | Tracks 3 and 7: Another interesting change in Steel Jump is seen in the POWER JUMP segments. We added an acceleration in stage 3, block 3 which speeds up the beat every 32 tempi. This generates an increased push speed and a considerably increased intensity. That is why we need to choose exercises of simple execution allowing participants to vary the intensity and control of the exercise.
SPECIAL EFFECTS | We continued to incorporate special effects of intensity in order to add a ”plus” to the combinations during execution.
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Enjoy your STEEL workout! All the best!

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