Commercial system

STEEL PROGRAMS is a company who focuses all of its potential on instructors. We want instructors to have a powerful tool which they can use consciously and which can help them grow professionally. To that end, the commercial system STEEL offers is of FREE COMMERCIALIZATION and LICENSE-FREE, which means that once the instructor is certified in one of our programs, they will be able to teach the respective programs in any gym of their choice without the gym having to affiliate or pay some type of registration fee or license fee. Moreover, if the instructor has a group of participants and wants to train in the park or in their home, they will have the same right of using our STEEL product with all the benefits coming with it.

The format and musical structure of each class are especially created for a one-of-a-kind experience. Our music is of excellent quality and completely authorised for use in fitness classes.

After becoming a certified instructor and an active STEELER, instructors have the right to use our brand name for individial promotion of their classes, the right to use our logo to create flyers, banners and other promotional materials or they can use our promotional content which is available for them to download and help them promote their work and boost their professional growth.

Our commercial system is designed with the objective of offering our instructors a dynamic tool, which can be created and adapted to the needs of the participants in the class. A tool which gets better with time and is constantly looking to bring new challenges and emotions to the class, always in a professional manner.