Education system

The educational system in Steel Programs is divided into learning modules which allow instructors to perform a safe and continuous training, ensuring they thoroughly assimilate the tool. Each module provides a certain level of learning and allows Steelers (instructors) choose their goal and take their growth and preparation according to their ambition, need or time available to learn. Our system presents three levels of formation and each level takes Steelers to a new stage in their development as instructors.

CONTENT & UPDATES: Every three months, our STEEL instructors are invited to participate in an UPDATE event (STEEL FITNESS DAY) where they will get the new material of their respective programs (music, choreography and any changes or new content introduced in the development of their classes). This new material is especially created for our instructors as a tool in developing and presenting a new and exciting class to their participants.

The UPDATE has the essential role of offering the instructors new tools and new challenges in the training of the participants, as well as much needed freshness to the class.

Once in possession of th new material, the STEEL instructor has three options:

Option 1: Use the class in the proposed format

The instructor learns the choreography of the class as it comes in each mix of their respective STEEL program. Then, they only have to teach this class to their participants in the gym. This option allows the instructor to familiarise themselves to our musical proposal in order to be able to later, if desired, adapt or create their own classes. A simple way of presenting a new workout.

Option 2: Adapt the class to your group

Starting from the choreography in the original mix, the instructor can adapt certain movements or combinations to increase or decrease the intensity of the class, adjusting the level of each mix to their respective group.

Option 3: Create a new class from scratch

During the certification, the instructor not only assimilates the tools which enable them to teach a class in front of a group but also learns how to create each class from beginning to end, using music as reference.

This option also enables instructors to tap into their creativity and put a personal touch on the class.

The above options are naturally subject to the instructor’s availability and time. However, it is important that our programs are sufficiently flexible to be adjusted for any individual and need.