Steel Combat®

A class of Combat Fitness which invites participants to an experience of unique sensations.

What is Steel Combat®?

Steel Combat® is a New Revolutionary Training System, created and developed by Fernando Gorini. It is based on the principle of granting the best Physical Fitness through Fighting.

Within 60 minutes, participants can experience unique sensations, learning and putting into effect the techniques coming from the most popular contact sports in the world. In a sort, the best of Boxing and the Martial Arts are virtually present in any class, with a simple, dynamic, intense training, that supplies a high rate of caloric-burning and, at the same time, a funny, effective, safe class, with incredible results in record time, thus promoting a wish of continuity in the Gym members.

The Program originated from studies that have finally qualified it as follows: a safe training system, whose structure is aimed to granting a simple, energetic, funny learning method, able to activate both the body and the mind, transform the quality of life, power the strength and resistance of muscles, burn fat, improve coordination and flexibility, and finally increase self-esteem.

Such results are made possible thanks to a work of high intensity obtained through both aerobic and anaerobic components, which on the one hand increase the participants’ performance and on the other hand reduce their mental stress.

Motivation is one of the most important components at any stage of the training and in this kind of classes this factor is constantly remarked with the stimuli that the instructor infuses in the participants, making the very same class turn into a feast, whose goal is physical training along with amusement and general fitness improvement.

If we ask ourselves: “Why do we have to do physical activity?” or “What sort of benefits can we obtain from this discipline? Well, there are at least 10 good reasons it is worth considering understanding the real importance of STEEL COMBAT®


  • 1. Defines muscular tone.
  • 2. Powers strength and resistance.
  • 3. Grants a correct posture e prevents from muscular pain.
  • 4. Increases motility, agility and, consequently, body control.
  • 5. Accelerates metabolism, thus favouring a major waste of calories.
  • 6. Reduces stress, since it generates a great quantity of endorphins.
  • 7. Slows down the degenerative aging effects, keeping muscular atrophy under control.
  • 8. Stimulates insulin absorption, which is vital for people suffering from diabetes.
  • 9. Reduces the typical risks related to osteoporosis and other diseases involving bones.
  • 10. Attenuates water retention and stimulates blood circulation more than any other kind of training.