Steel Jump®

A training system of low impact and high intensity which generates a significant calorie burn during the 60-minute class that will keep your body constantly moving

What is Steel Jump® ?

is a training system that uses a trampoline as the main element for and INTEGRAL workout. Even from childhood, JUMPING is one of the most popular activities we do, as children being able of spending hours jumping up and down in different ways for fun (who doesn’t like to jump, right?).

STEEL JUMP® is a class where the jumping movement is used with the objective of performing a cardio training, including at the same time elements of muscle training, balance improvement, metabolism acceleration, among other, and thus making the most of the use of the trampoline. It is important to note that this program has been created with SAFETY in mind since 80% of the impact of movements is absorbed during the workout.

STEEL JUMP® is a fun, safe and motivating class that offers numerous advantages and benefits when practiced on a regular basis. STEEL JUMP®:


  • 1. Improves cardiovascular resistence
  • 2. Stimulates active and passive locomotor apparatus
  • 3. Through the technique applied, the compression generated in the body stimulates and improves bone density
  • 4. Stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • 5. Stimulates proprioceptive system and vestibular apparatus
  • 6. Improves brain-muscle synapses generating better reactions
  • 7. Improves concentration level
  • 8. Stimulates and raises level of serotonin and endorphin helping to improve quality of sleep
  • 9. Reduces level of stress