Steel Training®

A training class which uses bars and weights for resistance, with a simple and intense workout structure, designed to train a muscle group per track

What is Steel Training® ?

It is a STEEL PROGRAMS® system of training which uses weight bars. It combines weight training with a strong dose of adrenaline making the participant leave aside the concept of "boring" when it comes to training with weights.

STEEL TRAINING® not only combines the training with weights, but also incorporates the cardiovascular training, generating a class which covers all levels of training.

Its innovative music system helps the instructor develop a balanced class, with times of workout and pauses strategically placed, so that the participants can exploit their maximum capacities and discover their limits. In addition, with the segment Power Load, the volume of training increases even more, and as a result incredible results are achieved in incredible times.

The program is developed in accordance to studies that qualify it as a safe system of training and its structure is designed so as to provide participants with a simple, safe and fun way to train, activating the functioning of body and mind, ensuring a change in their quality of life, increasing muscle strength and endurance, burning fat, improving coordination and increasing levels of self-esteem.

These results are obtained because of a continuous work of training with moderate to high intensity, which will include both the aerobic as well as the anaerobic components, increasing the performance of the participant. It will also contribute to reducing the mental stress accumulated during the day.

The motivation is one of the most important components of any training session and in the Steel Training class it is always present, thanks to the class conductor who will inspire all participants with his drive and energy and thus transform the class into a party where the goal is not only to feel good, but also to train and improve every day.

Perhaps one may be wondering: why is it important to perform physical activity and what are the benefits brought about by such activity?

Here are 10 reasons why STEEL TRAINING® should be practiced.


  • 1. Improves muscle tone.
  • 2. Tones the passive locomotive system, generating greater calcium demand in the bones.
  • 3. Prevents osteoporosis and other bone diseases.
  • 4. Improves coordination.
  • 5. Stimulates the central circulatory system, improving vascularization.
  • 6. Increases power and resistance of the body.
  • 7. Reduces stress and tension, improving not only the physical state but also the mental one.
  • 8. Slows down the aging process as it offers a better life quality to participants.
  • 9. Trains the cardiovascular / respiratory system, increasing the aerobic capacity.
  • 10. Accelerates metabolism, as it generates calorie consumption and fat burning.