Ultimate Fit Combat®

A training system that fuses push boot training with Combat Fitness

What is Ultimate Fit Combat® ?

The objective of Ultimate Fit Combat® is to offer Instructors a new training system, which allows them to train multiple objectives, using techniques extracted from contact sports such as Boxing and Martial Arts, which together with Fit Boots®, which bring dynamism and an additional challenge to the class, we will build a complete, fun, and safe training that will captivate the class participants. In addition, the structure of the program allows the instructor to adjust so that the class can be adapted to all levels and needs of each work group.

For the participants of a class, the challenge focuses on taking a journey through the life of a martial artist, from his beginnings in the gym, going through martial arts tournaments and fighting in real life, always looking for victory. For this, in each segment we will present challenges that we must meet and that, under the command of the instructor, we will carry out incredible virtual combats.

The program is developed under studies that qualify it as a safe training system and its structure is designed with the aim of providing participants with a simple, safe and fun way to train by putting body and mind into operation, ensuring a change in their quality. of life. In this way we will improve attributes such as coordination, flexibility, resistance, also increasing levels of self-esteem, making the training comprehensive.

By practicing this class regularly (2 to 3 times a week) the participants will get real results, in real time.