A combination of the best in martial arts and fitness into a unique training session.    

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An incredible experience which improves your physical condition, focusing on the lower body.

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A training system with weight bars to put to work every muscle group in your body.

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A high-intensity and fun class which uses mini trampolines for your training.

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Why choose us

The educational and commercial structure of STEEL PROGRAMS provides a series of services and solutions both for instructors and gyms, resulting in a multitude of options for the participants in each STEEL class. The services we offer are sure to meet the necessities of the market and to facilitate learning and professional improvement for instructors.






Master Trainers


Master Team Mundial

The Master Trainers are a fundamental piece in the engine of STEEL as they are responsible with educating our STEELERS and sharing their talent and experience as Presenters. Here is our team of Master Trainers:

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